Santa Baby

Santa Baby

Written & Directed by David Widdicombe
About the Film

Ten year old Amelia has fallen in love for the first time.    The  object of her affection? A department store Santa  Claus. She  becomes obsessed with him, visits him every  day, follows him  home and starts writing him endless  letters. Even when she  learns Santa's alter ego is a  middle-aged welfare recipient  named Bob who's just as  lonely as she is, Amelia doesn't  care. But when she discovers  Santa doesn't  return her affections Amelia decides to take  matters into  her own hands.

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Production Notes

In 2005, Marquis Entertainment produced its first film, Santa Baby, a 20 minute short film shot on 35mm cinemascope, written and directed by David Widdicombe.

Widdicombe wrote Santa Baby during his residency at the Canadian Film Centre (CFC) and, in 2002, it was named Best Screenplay in the International Competition at the CFC's Toronto's World Wide Short Film Festival.  The prize provided by the Canadian Film Centre included a goods and services package that helped to fund the making of the film.

In the fall of 2004 Robert Richardson and Marquis Entertainment were awarded the Ontario Media Development Corporation (OMDC) Al Waxman Calling Card Grant. Combined with the support from the CFC prize, the OMDC grant provided the necessary funding to produce the film version of David's award-winning script.

Principal photography for Santa Baby took place in Toronto on location and at Wallace Studios during February and March of 2005.  Post production was completed in Toronto from March 2005 to November 2005.

Santa Baby had its world premiere in June of 2006 at the Seattle International Film Festival and has since been featured as an Official Selection at over 20 international film festivals, garnering critical praise, audience accolades and numerous other award nominations.

Notable recognitions include Best Comedy at the 2006 LA Short Film Festival.  This win qualified Santa Baby for both an Oscar nomination and a Genie Nomination and caught the attention of major Hollywood producers. Santa Baby was also honoured with 7 Golden Sheaf Award nominations at the 2006 Yorkton Short Film and Video Film Festival (Yorkton, Canada) which included Best Film, Director and Screenplay and one win for Jordon Todosey as Best Actress.

Santa Baby had its world TV premiere in August of 2007 on Showcase TV (Alliance Atlantis) which has optioned the non-exclusively Canadian TV broadcast rights until spring of 2011.

All broadcast territories are open for licensing.

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"The Short List", March 2007 - Santa Baby cited as one of the top 5 short films of the March ‘07 Moving Pictures Magazine (Los Angeles/National, USA)

"It'd be almost criminal if Widdicombe's short dark comedy didn't at least garner a cult following... Widdicombe's script is sick, but his humor is utterly priceless taking a concept of a girl seeking solace in this fake Santa, and turning it into a full on dark comedy. The performances are wonderful, particularly from Jordan Todosey as this chubby cheeked doll who uses her disadvantages to her advantage sneaking in and out of his life, manipulating him in to doing what she wants, while Hardey T. Lineham is hilariously hopeless as this man dealing with demon seed who will not relent in her passion for him; he gives her a pep talks, he attempts reverse psychology, and even wards her off with no avail. She'll be damned if Santa will reject her affections. Widdicombe's story is hilarious, morbid, and, in a creepy twist, very possible." - Cinema Crazed

"Jordan Todosey, as the quirky and precocious Amelia, is Parker Posey to Dakota Fanning's Meryl Streep. Somebody give this kid an Oscar. And a three-picture deal with Paramount." - Seattle Weekly, Art & Culture - Post Alley (Seattle, USA)

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