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Sleeping Beauty - The Deliriously Dreamy Family Musical! Ross Petty Productions celebrates its 21st anniversary at Toronto's Elgin Theatre with the first ever production of Sleeping Beauty.

Guest Star Hilary Farr from HGTV's Love It or List It makes her Toronto theatrical debut as Petty's evil successor. And in an eye-opening performance, Kinky Boots star AJ Bridel plays the drowsy heroine. Great family fun for kids from 3 to 93!

NOVEMBER 25, 2016 – JANUARY 7, 2017 at the Elgin Theatre (189 Yonge St., Toronto, ON).

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November 25, 2016 – January 7, 2017: The Elgin Theatre 189 Yonge Street, Toronto, ON Ticketmaster: (416) 872-5555
Production History

Over the years at Yonge and Queen streets, the Elgin witnessed three Robin Hoods, the 1996 production memorable for re-uniting National Ballet of Canada gold dust twins Karen Kain and Frank Augustyn, the 2002 production giving Rex Harrington his musical theatre debut and last year's smashing success; one Jack and the Beanstalk in 1997 which allowed Heath Lamberts to wreak havoc as Jack's mother Widow Trott; two Snow Whites, the 2001 version showcasing Stratford leading man Graham Abbey's deft comic abilities as witness his Dora Award that year, and the 2005 very fractured take on the seven denizens of the little cottage in the forest being a boy band featuring three Canadian Idols and fronted by Glass Tiger's Alan Frew, with the entire show peppered with Sean Cullen's extraordinary adlibs.

There have been two Peter Pans, the 2000 production featuring Sheila McCarthy in a role she was born to play, and the 2007 production starring ice skating legend Kurt Browning who proved himself as masterful on a live theatre stage as he is on a frozen surface; three Cinderella's with the 1999 version putting Juan Chioran in a dress which whet his appetite for a return to couture in his hilarious turn in The Producers, while the 2003 production featured the ageless Don Harron and was a happy diversion for Erin Davis between gigs at CHFI, and finally the 2008 silly take on the classic tale had the kids of Degrassi rockin' out.

Of the three Aladdin's, the 1998 production introduced the wonderful Ernie Coombs to the wacky world of audience participation. "Mr. Dressup" appeared in two more productions and we continue to miss his joyous spirit. The 2004 Aladdin took a magic carpet ride to a hipper place with a deliciously anachronistic script. WWE superstar Bret "Hitman" Hart took a courageous leap out of the wrestling ring and onto the Elgin stage for what proved to be a memorable theatrical debut as the Genie of the Lamp. The success of that production caught the attention of Clear Channel Entertainment and under their Live Nation banner, Aladdin 2006 visited seven Canadian cities in November/December, with the Elgin Theatre as part of the itinerary.

2010 saw a production of Beauty and The Beast, featuring stars of Canadian Idol and We Will Rock You who proved themselves to be both talented and hilarious, winning over the public and the press. With the 2011 production of Wizard of Oz - The Wickedly Wacky Family Musical, Ross Petty Productions celebrated 16 years of producing Fractured Fairy Tale Musicals for Canadian audiences.


Licensing Inquiries

For information regarding Licensing for Ross Petty Productions please use our contact page.


Praise for Beauty and the Beast:

"Ross Petty's deliriously silly holiday tradition returns with a lively fractured version of Beauty and the Beast...some of the most enjoyable, tuneful musical performances of recent Pantos" - The Globe and Mail (National, Canada)

"Beauty and the Beast is a bona fide hit! An intoxicating family brew for the holidays!" - The Toronto Sun (Toronto, Canada)

"Fantastic! Beauty and the Beast is a must-do family tradition!" - CHFI (Toronto, Canada)

Praise for Robin Hood:

"...All the elements in this year's show are entertaining on their own...It's about as funny as funny gets." - The Toronto Star (Toronto, Canada)



Praise for Cinderella:

"All art forms eventually reach perfection and Ross Petty's family holiday entertainments are no exception. not only the most hilarious show in Toronto, but an awesome piece of entertainment in its own right...Cinderella is a smashing time for everyone one from four to ninety-four. Make sure you don't miss it." **** (4 stars) - The Toronto Star (Toronto, Canada)

"Happily ever after - Ross Petty's excellent Cinderella will make you feel like a kid again. If panto were an Olympic sport, then one suspects Ross Petty has been slowly assembling a gold medal team over the past decade and more." *****(5stars) - The Toronto Sun (Toronto, Canada)

Praise for Peter Pan:

" ingenious variation on [Peter Pan], one that serves up most of the familiar ingredients but not necessarily in the order or in the shape that we expect. - The National Post (National, Canada)

Praise for Aladdin:

"It's Genie-us. Aladdin is more than you cold wish for."**** (4 Stars)- Toronto Sun (Toronto, Canada)

"The best family entertainment we've had in Canada for a very long time!"- CTV's Canada AM (Toronto/National, Canada)

"If you're looking for a raucous live performance with a heavy dose of comedy on the side, then Aladdin, The Magical Family Musical is it. Go see it!" - Vancouver Sun (Vancouver, Canada)

"The most rambunctious piece of nonsense to descend on the Jubilee Auditorium in ages....Aladdin makes Shrek seem positively sedate!"- Calgary Sun (Calgary, Canada)

"Aladdin is bright, happy and unrelentingly silly!"- Edmonton Sun (Edmonton, Canada)

"If I had a million dollars, I'd buy out this show and give every ticket to people in need of cheering up!- Vancouver Sun (Vancouver, Canada)

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