Mom's the Word

Mom's the Word

by Linda A. Carson, Jill Daum, Alison Kelly, Robin Nichol, Barbara Pollard and Deborah Williams
About the Show

A smash hit on five continents, Mom’s the Word is an award-winning ensemble production written by six performer-moms who have endured the agonies and ecstasies of parenting. A hysterically funny and deeply touching play, it deals in shocking detail with all the important elements of childrearing; the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Without the rose-coloured lens treatment, Mom's the Word is a hilarious, intimate look at motherhood. Touching, vivid tales of giving birth to a premature baby are balanced against comic, ribald stories of diaper soup and sex after children.  All six moms have two children, suffer from sleep deprivation, and have some of the most outrageous stories you've ever heard - all of them true.  It is group therapy like never before.

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Production History

Mom's the Word took its first baby steps at the Vancouver festival Women in View and the full production premiered at the Arts Club Theatre Company (Vancouver) in 1995.  Over fifteen years later and after more than 2,500 performances to over one million people, the play has crossed the international dateline and the equator entertaining audiences throughout 5 continents.

Written by Linda A. Carson, Jill Daum, Alison Kelly, Robin Nichol, Barbara Pollard, and Deborah Williams, Mom's the Word had a full gestation period going back to conception in the spring of 1993. Six Vancouver women who had once been exciting, glamorous and professional actors were now exhausted, bedraggled amateur mothers with ten children under six between them. They decided to get together to write a show about motherhood. They met regularly on Saturday mornings with their children. They talked, they laughed, they whined, they complained and they laughed some more. Suddenly their first performance was just three weeks away. Although they had nothing on paper, they felt enormously better about their children, their skills as mothers and their lives in general. They had reinvented group therapy. Luckily, in the ancient tradition of oral history, they remembered each other's stories and thus Mom's the Word was born.

Humourous, emotional, ecstatic and hysterical, Mom's the Word is a chorus line of confessional anecdotes and vignettes combined to create the mother of all comedies.

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“Oh, baby, this new comedy strikes the mother lode of laughter.” – The Daily Mail (London, UK)

“…roars of delighted recognition…” – The London Times (London, UK)

“The mother of all shows! Mom’s the Word is a great night out – away from the kids.” – The Herald Sun (Sydney, Australia)

“…big laughs...touching stories of devotion and pride…” – Chicago Tribune (Chicago, USA)

“Get ready for the screams, laughter, tears and gasps of recognition… [Mom’s the Word] is funny and brilliantly executed… a theatrical first.” – The Vancouver Sun (Vancouver, Canada)

“Mom’s the Word is a beautifully crafted show, full of warm, tragic-comedy rhythm of life; and absolutely impossible to dislike… providing one of the funniest and most enjoyable girls’ nights out currently on offer in Britain.” – The Scotsman (Glasgow, UK)

“A blisteringly funny and perceptive piece of theatre… [a] wickedly funny account of motherhood that nobody should miss…” – The Stage (London, UK)

“…hysterical, possibly shocking, definitely moving…” – Chicago Footlights (Chicago, USA)

“It’s back – this side-splittingly funny collection of stories about motherhood…” – The Evening Times (Glasgow, UK)

“…a hilarious coup de theatre that you have to see for yourself.” – The Daily Mail (London, UK)

“…your face will hurt from laughing at the brutal reality of Mom’s the Word. ” – The Sunday Herald Sun (Sydney, Australia)

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