Mom’s the Word 2 - Unhinged

Mom’s the Word 2 - Unhinged

by Jill Daum, Alison Kelly, Robin Nichol, Barbara Pollard and Deborah Williams
About the Show

After 10 years of international success, the creators of Mom's the Word are back with their hysterical sequel to Mom's the Word.

Older and wider, this time they bring their tales of torment and teenagers! The Moms tackle trickier tests and raging hormones with intense humour, bringing everyone back into the fray of the world's oldest unpaid profession. And don't worry if you haven't seen the first Mom's the Word-or if you aren't a mom. You'll still find that you only relate to EVERYTHING!

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Production History

Like its predecessor, Mom's the Word 2 - Unhinged had its world premiere at the Arts Club Theatre in Vancouver, Canada.  The creators performed in the production which opened in the fall of 2005 to rave reviews, standing ovations and a sold-out run.  During its first year of life in Canada, Mom's the Word 2  was performed 125 times to over 40,000 people and an average of 90% venue capacity.

Before Mom's the Word 2 had even played its first performance, it had generated buzz amongst producers in Australia and the UK, both territories where the original play continues to enjoy tremendous success.  By the summer of 2006, Burberry Productions was in full production mode in Melbourne, Australia and in mid August the OZ premiere opened to unprecedented advanced sales for a non-musical stage production.  Mum's the Word Teenagers (as it's titled in Australia and the UK) ran for 3 months and played to over 55,000 people.

Simultaneously, Robert Kelly Productions was developing the first European production in Glasgow and Dundee, which opened in the fall to a similarly ecstatic reception of critical raves and audience excitement.

Mom's the Word 2 / Mum's the Word Teenagers continues to be revived throughout the world, with productions ongoing or in development in Canada, Australia the UK and Ireland.

Since its premier in 2005, Mom's the Word 2 - Unhinged has been performed to more than 250,000 people across three continents, and with each passing year, these Moms keep unhinging new productions across the globe.

Licensing Inquiries

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"The Show is Definitely a Winner..." - Sunday Herald Sun (Melbourne, Australia)

"Stellar play about raising teens shares hilarious truths" - The Province (Vancouver, Canada)

"It's a night of comedy that no self-respecting mum can afford to miss." - The Age (Melbourne, Australia)

"Spread the word - Mom's the Word has just delivered a sequel that's not only as bright and bouncy as the original, but brighter and bouncier." - The Vancouver Sun (Vancouver, Canada)

"...Amid [the] exuberant jollity are vignettes...that are breathtakingly poignant and close to the bone.  It's these moments of enriching empathy that turn Mum's the Word Teenagers into more than an enjoyable satire." - The Age (Melbourne, Australia)

"...this show earns every belly laugh and mid-scene round of applause for its fearless and honest portrayal of modern motherhood.  They've revealed our secrets, but it's well worth the laugh." - Monday Publications (Victoria, BC, Canada)

"The audience laughs and groans in unison at the familiarity of the horror stories about teens." - Sunday Herald Sun (Melbourne, Australia)

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