bittergirl - The Musical

bittergirl - The Musical

By Annabel Griffiths, Alison Lawrence & Mary Francis Moore
About the Show

bittergirl - The Musical is a musical adaptation of the hit play bittergirl.  It charts the break-up of three women (one single and dating, one co-habiting, one married with a child) and the painfully hilarious antics that ensue. With a four piece band (keyboards, bass, drum, guitar) and 60's girl group music punctuating the fast-paced and heartbreakingly funny narrative, bittergirl - The Musical is a sure-fire crowd pleaser.

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Production History

In 2003 after one of their Toronto runs, the bittergirls were approached by a literary agent to turn the play into a book.  Two months later, voila - Bittergirl: Getting Over Getting Dumped was bought by Penguin Canada.  It was then bought by Penguin U.S.A. and both versions were released in 2005.  The book's popularity garnered interest from Oprah's producers, and amidst the media blitz surrounding the launch the bittergirls appeared on NBC's The Today Show in September 2006.

So, after multiple runs of their hit play in Toronto, London and New York and the international release of their book,  it only made sense when the offer came from Mirvish Productions in 2006 to adapt the play into a musical that the girls sat down with a bottle of wine and decided to revisit their now classic break-up stories.

Two workshops later (both produced by Mirvish Productions in 2007), a snappy musical book penned and a song list that boasts the greatest hits of 60's girl group music, bittergirl - The Musical has nearly arrived.

One final workshop will be produced in 2008/2009 with the objective of finalizing a production-ready script and score.  With a potentially even wider audience of returning and new fans in view, the 2009 Toronto premiere of bittergirl - The Musical will once again spread the gospel of the bittergirl manifesto...just in time for Valentine's Day!

Licensing Inquiries

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"I can't say enough great things about bittergirl - The Musical!  I've seen the original play a few times and after seeing the new musical version in its workshop form last spring, I fell in love with it even more. It's a brilliant production that taps into every woman's mind and heart, and some part of each and every woman's life finds its way into the story in an insightful, touching and humourous way.  It makes you laugh and it makes you cry." - Ann Marie Schiavone, Canwest Broadcasting

"bittergirl - The Musical is a wonderful, heartfelt production that speaks to all women, as we have each been touched at some point by heartbreak and found a way to rebound and someday smile about it. bittergirl - The Musical  shows the promise of an engaging, iconic show that I would certainly pay to see more than once and recommend to all women as a "must see". The workshop production filled every emotional need - laughter, drama and inspiration, and I can only image the endless possibilities of where this production can go as it touches the heart and warms the soul." - Jennifer Comish, Readers Digest and Best Health Magazine

"I saw bittergirl - The Musical in a workshop presentation at Mirvish Productions last year. It was a wonderful experience. I had presented the "straight" version at Bluewater Summer Playhouse when I was Artistic Director there. It resonated with the audience then and it will resonate hugely with an audience in its musical incarnation." - David Ferry, Artistic Director of Appledore Productions

"I am delighted that bittergirl (the play) is being given musical treatment! When I saw the workshop last year, I came away humming the tunes, and thinking a lot about how much rich material there is in that endless struggle between the sexes!" - Maja Ardal, Director/Playwright

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