Bear With Me

Bear With Me

Diane Flacks
About the Show

Based on Diane Flacks' laugh-out-loud book, Bear With Me is a wickedly funny stage production that is a straight-up, rollicking account of Flacks' reluctant flight into the secret and insane world of motherhood.  

In this 85 minute show, Flacks' dishes her own experiences - including coping with ballooning sci-fi bodies, the dominant JMG (technical term: Jewish Mother Gene), rampant libido-suppressing hormones, Mama-brain, a vegetarian's craving for liver (served rare) and, of course, the REAL "Ring of Fire"! Flacks' hilarious and poignant journey culminates in the love affair with her child and the search for self amidst the chaos.

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Production History

In the summer of 2002 Diane Flacks wrote an article on pregnancy and sex for a Toronto weekly magazine. After it was published Flacks was approached by an editor at McClelland and Stewart to write a proposal for a book on "the things they don't tell you about pregnancy and new motherhood." A few years later in 2005, Bear With Me was published.

Later that same year, the artistic director of Nightwood Theatre (Toronto) approached Flacks about turning the book into a one-woman show. A scripted workshop was performed by the end of 2005 and two incarnations of the piece were presented - one at the Grand Theatre (London, Ontario) and the other at the National Arts Centre (Ottawa).

A fully produced, designed and rehearsed Bear With Me (produced by Nightwood Theatre) premiered in Toronto at The Berkeley Street Theatre in January 2009 which garnered great critical acclaim and box office success.

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"We laugh with her as she charts the triumphs and disasters of motherhood, but it's not just the laughter of recognition but that of a friend to a friend, affectionate and sympathetic." **** (of 4) - Toronto Star (Toronto, Canada)

"Bear With Me ranks among the best of pregnancy tell-alls..." - Xtra Magazine (Toronto, Canada)

"Flacks divides her anecdotes into trimesters and post-partum life.  She never loses continuity, though, keeping transitions smooth through lighting, staging that cleverly incorporates an exercise ball and a few carefully chosen recordings..." **** (of 5) - Now Magazine (Toronto, Canada)

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